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Exhibit A – Scope of Work

Gold Bell Marketing, LLC provides marketing and branding services that create and maintain customer loyalty through creatively original methods in congruence with fundamental techniques specific to your market. We offer a customized marketing plan, branding plan and social content marketing plan.  These are designed to delight your customers and exceed their expectations. In addition to our extensive ability to create a strong online presence, we also specialize in direct marketing campaigns that bring an intrinsic value to your brand and how it relates directly to your consumers. Gold Bell Marketing emphasizes that a powerful combination of both social content and physical marketing are the best ways to market a company. Our mission is to maximize good company’s growth by developing their understanding of how to effectively market themselves and keep their brand healthy. Our vision is to assist in the creation of a harmonious world, full of limitless and honorable companies, who consistently maximize their company’s potential through the utilization of our powerful marketing and branding methods. 

Gold Bell Marketing, LLC provides clients with a professional and affordable method to assist in the marketing and branding of their businesses.  

We customize a branding plan after analyzing the health of your brand as it relates to the market. and a marketing plan for your company that pay off in spades if the advice is taken with action-oriented minds (change). We offer both online social content marketing, from a total Social Media Channel creation or to analyze it from a brand equity criteria, we will help you align your online presence with the core values of your company and what you represent. 

This full-scale, customized approach is the most effective when developing a marketing plan that is tailored to meet your client’s unique needs.  Our system enables our schedule-busy clients to focus on what their business actually means to customers, by identifying whom they’re marketing to and effectively strategize the best ways to reach them. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that marketing professionalism in your corner. (STC)

Knowing that the profits from these services are supporting the business-ownership growth in King County (and all over) is what sets us apart.  We thrive in the knowledge that we’re helping companies that will and are currently changing the world.  Client success is the number one priority, and so is serving the mission of market education and skill-development in our great communities.

Full-Service Marketing & Branding Services

We provide a full suite of services to help you with your business.

Marketing Services – $160 per hour


Target Audience Assessment

Website efficiency valuation – Web Host + Plugins 

Analysis of current marketing status

Identification of market standards and ideals

Valuation of Social Media channels and their effectiveness

Marketing materials creation or alignment with message
  •     Customize social content marketing strategy
  •     Search Engine Optimization – Top those Google searches!
 LinkedIn Networking plan

Tailored marketing plan to follow going forward  

Branding Services – $160 per hour (included in total)


Brand health evaluation – logo, ideation, slogans, etc.

Mission Statement creation or revision
  •     Vision Statement creation or revision
  •     Brand equity valuation of Social Media channels
  •     Branding equity maintenance plan moving forward

Reimburse mileage at the federal rate